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Welcome to my own little site, this is all about my gaian family and all about my gaia life. so Bascially this whole page is about if you dont know what site that is, i hope you good luck on try understanding what im talking about<3

Well, lets see.
My Name Is Kiska. Im 17 && yes im Bisexual, i was married to my wife until she left gaia, so now im alone at the momment i guess you could say, i still love her and miss her alot, but she rarely comes online anymore because of her school work. well i have a wonderful mother named Lexie, she takes really good care of me, and then i have a 2 playful sitters named Red and Iki. Ren is the sister i love to play with the most though, shh don't tell Iki ^_^ Also i have another mommy, but i dont like to call her mommy >[ Her name is Dahila. Well My mommy just moved from our old house and now we live somewhere else, but i dont wanna call it home just yet, but i like my new room!

All About Me! (My RP info)

Name - Kiska
Age - 10
Apperance - (i'll put the pictures next to it.)human side(Kiska is 4 in human form) && demon side{Kiska is 10 in demon form}
Personality - Human side- Her Personality is way different from her demon side, she is usally shy and likes to stay by her mother at all times. She doesn't like metting new people but is forced to met them anyways, she is a confused little girl who was brough in this world without knowing. She is a very nice person but becomes very mad at times. she has her sweet side though. Demon Side- She is a Playful little girl who loves to just have fun, never shy and very lovable, she hates fighting and loves to met new people and have new friends. She is very caring and an out going person.
Bio - When Kiska was born she was a confused person, she learned very fast, what she knew would take about atleast 9 years, she learned everything a normal 10 year would learn in about 2 years. a few years after Kiska was born her personality would always change, at the age of 3 she found out she had another side of her. she found out she was a half breed, that she was a demon. She finally found out how to control her powers and she keep them in check. To this very age of 4 she still keeps her powers and loves to be demon more then she would be human.
Weakness - A steel sword(made from a different kind of rock) through the heart.
Home - Neko Manor
Like - little play toys, teddy bears, candy, music, playing outside.
Dislikes - Being alone
Powers/Race - A black arua that turns my whole body evil and doesn't go back to normal until the reason of going evil was destoried (when mad)/ human&&neko
Gaian Screenname - xl Kiska lx

Half of My Gaian Family<33


My 4 year Old Human Side


My 10 Year Old Demon Side


Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.