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About Me

ok in real life my name is Jewel(Jullianne). Iam 13 turning 14 in feb. Iam single looking for a man I can fall in love with.Iam them kinda Goth/Punk type things.Iam nice but then evil. I kinda have anger issues. Iam not the nicest person every but I can be nice. I have the 3 best friends you can ever ask for. There names are Gina,Kayla,and Kera. I write poems/songs and I always sing my songs. I have a nice voice my friends say but I never believe what they say all the time. Iam not into the prepy thing but some people that are preps are my friends. So I get along with them some times. I mosty hang out with my friends that are just like me. I hang out with mosty Goths and Punks. I like to write stories as well. I have a book Iam about to publish named "The Fire". I think that its a good book. Well like I said I really like to write alot. Ummmmmm Iam going to leave before I write to much.

My Cute New Bunny, Shadow!!!!!!!!!

Hey Ummmmmm I got this new bunny named Shadow!!
Shes soooooooooooo cute, I love her!!!! She black brown and white. She loves to hide alot. Ever time Iam on my bed crying about Inn or just feeling sad. I would let my bunny out on my bed and I would lay down and my bunny would start jumping on my stomach and start licking my face. I always say I would be better off if I die but then I think would other people be better off with me dying? I know my bunny wouldn't. If I died my mom would sell my bunny really really fast! I love my bunny! My bunny makes me feel like Iam sumthing in this place we call a world. I know I sound stupid but I would rither have my bunny then my friends. My bunny makes me feel like Iam sumone!

Yes Its still about Inn!

Yes I still like Inn. I can't stop thinking about him for sum reason. Every day at lunch I would see him. I would turn around in my seat and just stair at him. I wish I could see him out of school but he never comes over anymore. Its sad because I miss him soooooo much! I remember the first time I say him. It was with Kellie(my sister-in-law), Michael(my brother), and all of their friends. I think its was party. Iam not sure thought. God I miss him!!!!



My heart is 100% broken!

My Heart is restored!

Hey GUESS WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!?!? at school today(2/17/05) there was a dance and this kid I really really really REALLY like was there!!!! My friend Samantha kept trying to make me go over to him and talk to him. But I kept walking away. But Samantha was by Inn and i wanted to talk to her so I started to walk over by her and when I was walking I looked at Inn and he looked back at me so I started to walk over by him and he was just stair at me. I went by him and I said hi to him and he said hi back!!!! I got really brave and told Inn I liked him. He told me he liked me back. Then Inn's friends came over to me and told me that Inn liked me and I told his friends that I know that already. Then Inn comes back over by me and I ask Inn if he liked me enough to go out with me and he said" I don't know" but I told him to answer me and then he said " I don't know." Then I asked him if he would go out with me and he said "I don't know." Then I asked him again if he would answer me and he said "yeah I'll go out with you." So now we go out and I think that Iam going to love him for the longest time ever!!!! I love Inn alot!!!! I can't wait to see if he ever comes over my house. I hope he comes to my birthday party. I wonder how many bases I will get with Inn *wink-wink* i hope we get far. Well I can see Iam writing tooooo much so Iam just going to stop before I talk about Inn to much. Well Bye

Iam a two tailed cat demon

Its Kuroro, my husband. Together we had 3 wonderful children.


My Fire horse!


Taking a break from work and showing of my butt.  ^.^

Iam a 2 tailed cat demon! Meow!

I fight beside my owner Named Sango and I help her defeat all who is evil!

i don't know what to write so iam just going to put meow



Hey If you Hate Inuyasha I HATE you so if you love Inuyasha your just like me!